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What We Do

The IEP Coach LLC is a women-owned, full-service consulting firm founded and owned by Jamilah F. Bashir, M.Ed. It was inspired by her passion for special education and supporting teachers and parents with educating and supporting their students with special needs. The IEP Coach has a network of over 25 consultants to assist with your needs across various specialties and subject areas. We have worked with various districts, networks, and agencies to provide quality professional development and coaching experiences focusing on special education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide help to districts, networks, and agencies to better equip their special education educators with the necessary training and support to thrive in their professions. At the The IEP Coach, we believe that quality professional development and support promotes sustainability and longevity for all special education educators. As a result, districts, networks, and agencies gain stronger educators which positively affect student achievement.

Services and Packages

For Special Education Teachers and Parents

At The IEP Coach LLC, we empower special education teachers to master the juggle between teaching and case management, leveling them up both professionally and personally. We also guide parents through the often complex maze of the IEP process, offering them peace of mind and effective strategies for their children's education.

For Principals and Educational Leaders

Understanding that leadership plays a crucial role in the success of any educational program, we work closely with principals and educational leaders to help them create a more supportive and effective environment for their special education staff and students. Through targeted professional development and training, we provide the tools needed to improve retention, compliance, and student outcomes.

For Corporations​

We offer customized workshops and speaking engagements aimed at empowering corporate teams to better understand the nuances of special education, from legal compliance to fostering an inclusive environment. These sessions are ideal for educational platforms, HR departments, and any organization looking to enhance their understanding of special educational needs.

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