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Helping Teachers Thrive and Not Just Survive

Supporting schools and

Over 20 years of experience in special education, IEP expert, with hundreds of families and educators getting trained.


What is an IEP?
IEP stands for Individualized Education Plan.  It is a legal document that is developed for any child who needs special education services attending any public school in the United States.  It is reviewed annually or by the request of the parent/guardian.

The IEP Coach LLC


Full Service Consulting Firm

The IEP Coach LLC is a women-owned, full-service consulting firm that provides IEP support to districts, networks, and agencies to better equip their special education educators, with the necessary training and support to thrive in their professions.

Quality Professional

At the The IEP Coach, we believe that quality professional development and support promotes sustainability and longevity for all special education educators. As a result, districts, networks, and agencies gain stronger educators which positively affect
student achievement.


Support to Parents

In addition, we provide support to parents with understanding the special education process and IEP, so they can better advocate for their children with special needs.


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Reduce the stress of preparing for your child's IEP meeting. Get step by step guide through the complex maze of the IEP process, from preparing for the meeting, to reviewing the draft, to advocating for your child's rights and needs.

For Parents

IEP Training

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Learn how to write the IEP progress report the right way. Get armed with the essential skills and strategies to create and implement a successful IEP, monitor progress, and how to communicate effectively with the school team.

For Teachers

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We offer customized workshops and speaking engagements empowering institutions and corporate teams to better understand the nuances of special education.

For Schools & Corporations


Need a Speaker?
Jamilah Bashir the IEP Coach

For Parents & Students


  • Assist parents with IEP documentation

  • Breakdown the IEP/504 process

  • Attend the IEP/504 meeting with parents (VIRTUAL ONLY)

  • Prepare parents for the IEP/504 meeting

  • Quality IEP training for parents

  • Parent workshops

For Schools & Corporations

Taking Notes


  • Staff training

  • Coaching

  • Public speaking representation

  • Training for community members


Master the IEP Course

The only course you will ever need to gain clarity about the Individualized Education Plan (IEP)


What our clients are saying

"Yes! Jamilah was helpful, kind, and an amazing guest speaker. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and relatable! The graduate students were so inspired and helped by her!"

~Cheri, Adjunct Professor, Pacific University


Free IEP Writing Checklist

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the stress of crafting a comprehensive IEP? Get our Effective IEP Writing Checklist and simplify the process!

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Parents' Freebie

Reduce the stress of preparing for your child's IEP meeting.

Public Speaker

Know Your School Needs

Need a quick way to let us know your school needs? Click below to take our quick needs survey.


Teachers' Freebie

Learn the tips to produce great progress reports for your students with IEPs



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